28 July 2021

The Curators Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

The Curators Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs

I've recently written about two flavours of The Curators Pork Puffs, which were the Original salted flavour and also the Sweet Chilli flavour. Both flavours were superb and I have some more packets in the cupboard to supplement my lunches with more protein after my weights sessions. Cinabar has now found me The Curators Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs to try, so I thought I should write about those too.

I've mentioned before that The Curators Pork Puffs are based on a Latin street-food called "Chicharrones". These pork puffs are made from pork rind which is hot flashed to make its fluffy texture. I'm rather looking forward to trying this Smoky Bacon flavour, as I know just how good the other two flavours are!

On opening the packet there was a sweet and smoky aroma from the light reddish dusted pork puffs inside. On first crunchy taste there is a sweetness from the oak smoked sugar in the seasoning, followed by a smoky bacon flavour mixed in with the salty pork rind flavour underneath the seasoning.

These The Curators Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs are gorgeous. I even tried dipping them into a little apple sauce I had left over from my pork sandwich, and they went particularly well together. I shall definitely be having these in regularly with the other two pork puff flavours from The Curators.

Information on the packet;
The 22g bag contains 107 calories, with 4.6g of fat, 0.44g of sugar, 16.2g of protein, and 1.1g Salt. Ingredients include; pork rind (95%), rice flour, salt, sugar, yeast extract, oak smoked sugar, natural flavouring, smoke flavouring, and paprika extract.

The Curators Smoky Bacon Pork Puffs

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