3 July 2021

Marynka Beer (@backyardbeer) By @SpectreUK

Marynka Beer Backyard Brewhouse

Marynka hops are from Poland. They provide an earthy, herbal spicy bitterness with hints of aniseed. I don't think I've tried them before, so I'm rather looking forward to trying this Marynka strong pale ale, which was brewed by the Backyard Brewhouse just drown the road from us in Walsall, West Midlands.

At 5% in volume I'm hoping this Marynka will help dull some of the trials from the week that's flown by at work. Troubles with one of my projects have been causing everyone involved no small amount of anxiety, but an issue has been fixed after quite a battle and things seem to be calming down a little. So fish and chips and a battered sausage as a takeaway treat for dinner and a nice cool spicy beer to wash it down with.

On opening this Marynka there was a strong herbal spicy aroma from the bottle. This deep golden almost straw coloured pale ale glistened in the afternoon sun with a nice even head. On taste Marynka hops jumped out at me straight away. A strong herbal bitterness with undertones of spicy almost aniseed flavour, mixing perfectly with the sweet pale malts that follow the initial crisp bite. The sweetness from the malts and the spiciness from the Marynka hops ran right through each mouthful washing around my palate into the aftertaste. This is a sumptuous flavoursome spicy warming pale ale to be enjoyed all year around. I just hope I can find a regular supply of it. At least the brewery is just down the road…

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