15 July 2021

This seasons Krispy Kremes - mint choc chip, raspberry ripple & Biscoff (@NLi10)

 Tesco have made it easier to buy some Krispy Kreme for my birthday.

It looks a bit sparse here but I had just taken 12 out.

I got a mixed box so I could try all the new flavours.

Here we have a lovely Dolce Gusto coffee and the new raspberry ripple doughnut 

Filled with amazing jam, one of my colleagues called it her new favourite. Essentially a raspberry and vanilla mix. Excellent 


For the more choc minded person we have the mint-choc-chip. A minty topped doughnut filled with choc creme.

Lastly we have the Biscoff - which I think I’ve had before but happy to have again

Crumbled on top and with wafers of white choc it’s very nice

Yum! Probably the least exciting of the trio, but really nice too.

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