17 August 2021

M&Ms Coffee Nut (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

M&Ms Coffee Nut

Things we don’t get enough of in the UK; 1) a variety of M&Ms flavours and 2) coffee flavoured chocolates. I purchased these imported M&Ms because it covers both of those issues all in one and both of those things are some of my favourite things. There are nuts included too in the product which is another favourite thing of mine especially with chocolate, I couldn’t wait!

This is a fairly large bag of M&Ms which were imported from the States. It says sharing size but also isn’t huge, plenty for two to share while watching Netflix though. Inside the bag the M&Ms are cream, light brown and dark brown in colour but all are the same flavour. The shells of mine were a little bit cracked in places but they have been imported from the States and then after that subjected to UK post, as I bought them imported online.

M&Ms Coffee Nut

The M&Ms are nice, there is a peanut in each one surrounded by coffee flavoured milk chocolate. The coffee is quite strong and quite decent quality of flavour, there is plenty of it but it is well balanced with the nut flavour and the chocolate. Regular readers will know that I liked varied texture in chocolate and these of course hit the nail on the head there too as the crispy shell gives way to chocolate followed by a crunchy nut, totally satisfying to eat. I feared these might have too much going on with there being three flavours but I was impressed by how well balanced they were and how well the flavours worked together. I would love it if these became main stream here in the UK, I’m certainly after finding more.

M&Ms Coffee Nut


Anonymous said...

I love the combination of coffee and chocolate too, I think I would like these too Regards, Nicolet, The Netherlands

Bulldoger said...

Hello from Florida, USA
This is definitely my favorite flavor of M&M’s. Although I’ve heard some pretty great things about a new flavor, Popcorn M&M’s. Have not been able to find those yet.

cinabar said...

Yes they are really good, I love coffee and chocolate. Still upset that Lindt discounted the 'Coffee Intense' bar it used to make. :-(