12 August 2021

Snackster's Classic Breakfast Muffin - Sausage & Hashbrown (@NLi10)

Lidl had surprisingly few  suitable office lunches to last the week so I ended up with a few discount microwave burgers to add to the collection.  They are all beginning to blur into one so I had to do a search to see if I'd had this before.

I bought it expecting it to be the McDonalds EggMcMuffin style thing.

but it's sausage and hash-brown (and cheese to bin) in the nice muffin style case.  This bodes well - especially if they've been doing this for longer than microwaves exist?!!

They always look like rubbish at this stage - you can't quite read it but the packet says premium ketchup.  I assume to cover for the budget sausage...

cooked burger - not appetising

And here we see the 'cooked' version.  A little slimy and odd, but the smell is decent and the textures at least look correct.  The ketchup and hash brown is enough to convince me that someone at least cares that I had a nice lunch, and the other bits are fine considering the microwave.  I'd have toasted the buns for better effect given the option, but overall I'd cope with eating this again.

Turns out the 2nd burger I got was a different brand so I've saved that for the next review!

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