27 August 2021

Vimto Candy Floss (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Vimto Candy Floss

I do like Candy Floss it is something that fills me with nostalgia and makes me think of childhood. I like the way the texture dissolves in the mouth too, it is fun to eat. Vimto is also one of my favourite drinks and we usually have a bottle in the cupboard so I couldn’t wait to try this Vimto Candy Floss when I spotted it.

I know my photography skills aren’t the best but candy floss really doesn’t take a good picture. I have tried before to take a picture of the actual fluff and it just always looks weird. I mean I poured this out and it looked unattractive. In reality it was pale pink and fluffy, but it looks like a broken sand castle in the picture!

The flavour though is gorgeous. It was fruity and had the berry taste of Vimto, almost a strong but sweet version of the drink. You still pick up on the base almost burnt sugar flavour of the candy floss, but the Vimto really worked well with it. These cute tubs of Vimto Candy Floss are something I would buy again, even it isn’t going to be a winner on the Instagram photos.

Vimto Candy Floss

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