3 August 2021

Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurt (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurt

I think I may have become a bit sceptical over the years and as such when I bought these Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurts I thought to myself oh wow, an interesting way to packaging up a regular strawberry yoghurt and market it with a summer twist. Yes I know, I should have more faith.

Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurt

I had one of the yoghurts as a lunchtime treat, they are part of the Muller Light range so lower in calorie and it is nice to have something sweet after a sandwich which doesn’t come with too much guilt. The yoghurt is pink and looks much like a regular strawberry yoghurt but I’m pleased to say the flavour was nicely different. I could pick up on the flavour of lime which was really nice with it, it made it a little sourer but refreshing in the muggy weather. There was still plenty of strawberry and fruit too in the yoghurt. I was at first disappointed that all the flavours were the same in the multipack as many new Muller varieties come in mixed packs, but by the end of the yoghurt I was looking forward to the next one. This Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurt is a nice twist on a standard flavour with the cocktail element and nicely done with the added lime.

Muller Light Strawberry Daiquiri Yoghurt


Unknown said...

After the first spoonful I thought I could taste cherry flavour I had to check the label I bought a 6 pk of these and even after consuming all 6 I still hated the taste the texture is ok but flavour not for me won't be buying again

Anonymous said...

It tasted disgusting for me....no wonder there was so much on sale