7 August 2021

Wherry Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Wherry Beer Woodforde

A Wherry is a type of boat that carries cargo or passengers on rivers and canals throughout the Norfolk Broads. This 3.8% in volume amber ale of the same name was brewed by Woodforde's in Norfolk. At such a low alcohol by volume it could be considered as a session ale, so I'm sure the captain of the boat would appreciate a pint.

The back of the bottle promises sweet malted barley, with grapefruit flavoured hops and floral aromas. On opening the 500ml bottle I can certainly attest to the sweet smell of malted barley with a floral aroma. On taste this deep amber coloured ale has an initial sharp crisp bitterness from the citrus grapefruit flavoured hops. This bitterness almost crashes into the sweetness produced by the amber malts. The sweetness from the malts smooths out the crisp starter into the aftertaste. Very nice indeed.

This is a lip-smacking flavoursome beer and no mistake. I could quite happily dig in and drink another few pints watching an old movie, with a packet or two of Ready Salted Walkers crisps, and then some of my favourite fig biscuits to finish my snacking. Yum!

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