10 August 2021

Thornton’s Toffee and Vanilla Sundae (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Thornton’s Toffee and Vanilla Sundae

I didn’t know that Thornton’s made desserts so when I saw these Thornton’s Toffee and Vanilla Sundaes at Iceland I had to give them a try. I like toffee flavours and haven’t bought any mousse style desserts for ages. I haven’t been eating that many desserts recently, I prefer some actual chocolate a little later in the evening watching Netflix. Routines have changed with Covid. Anyway these Sundaes are made by Thorntons so what could go wrong, we did have them after dinner.

I have issues, one of these issues means that I eat layered desserts in layers. That is normal right? So I started with the toffee mouse at the top. Oh my that was nice, there was sweet burnt sugar toffee bubbles with a little bit of salt. It was such a nice toffee flavour.The light bubbles just melted in the mouth.

The next layer was a little firmer and vanilla flavoured, which in this case was code for plain. Sweet, not too much vanilla, not too much of anything to be honest. Finally the last layer was a chocolate sauce. Thorntons are chocolatiers, this is where they should have excelled, this should have been the main event. The chocolate layer was sweet, ok, there was cocoa in the flavour but it missed the mark. I’d hoped for so much more. I would no buy chocolate sauce like that in a bottle. After the first layer the Thornton’s Toffee and Vanilla Sundae was was just a journey of disappointment.

Thornton’s Toffee and Vanilla Sundae

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