2 July 2024

Oreo Vanilla Latte Limited Edition (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Oreo Vanilla Latte Limited Edition

Here we have a new UK variety of Oreo, and a limited edition too. They are Oreo Vanilla Latte edition, and each Oreo biscuit contains a swirl of vanilla and a swirl of coffee, which looks lovely. I like Oreo biscuits, especially the peanut butter ones, which you can sometimes find in the UK and sometimes only as an import at a silly price, but I love the combination. I am always excited to see a new flavour, and these were just in Tesco. That meant they were a reasonable price, unlike the ones you can import. 

The packet has the standard Oreo design but is swirled with what looks like the top of a coffee. They are similar to the packaging on the regular biscuits, and I nearly missed them in the store. I opened up the pack and had a nice aroma of sweet coffee cream. I could see the two different layers in the biscuit. I gave one a try, and they had all that lovely taste of an Oreo with vanilla cream, but there was also a sweet coffee taste running through them. The combination of the coffee with the dark chocolate biscuit worked wonderfully, and these were perfect with my afternoon coffee. I’m so glad I picked up two packs from the shop. 

Oreo Vanilla Latte Limited Edition

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