15 March 2018

Marvel Surprise Barrel - Spider-Man Edition

I bought this from the shop opposite my parents house which had a selection of little prize pods, all about £1.

I decided to be rational and to only buy one - reasoning that they were probably all the same and not worth the time or money.

As usual the effort has been all put into the packaging - a staple of the Disappointment Wars series.

But here we have actual moulded Marvel logo, maybe official, maybe not.

And here we have the non edible contents. All surprisingly competent. You get three things - a sticker of most friendly Spider-Man (surely Friendly Neighbourhood is the slogan), a round spider disk and a stand up spider thing.

Here they are in close up - the spider disk is a bookmark too - and it’s number 46 so you’d have to spend £50 to get the set. Hmmmm.

You only get three sweets which is a shock, but they are nice which is a bigger shock! I ate all three. Never in the history of Dissapointment Wars has the food actually been eaten! This didn’t then get included dismissively with other tat - the Spider-Man barrel is the real deal. Sure it’s not worth £1 but if you have a young person who likes Marvel and isn’t too fussed about having useful things that actually relate to the brand then this is ok.

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