7 March 2018

Cadbury Dairy Milk Popping Candy Bunny (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Happy Easter! Okay, so I'm a little early by a month, but Cinabar picked up these bunny shaped Cadbury Dairy Milk Popping Candy chocolates the other day and asked me to write a blog about them. This could be because it's Cinabar's favourite time of every year when her brother pulls out the old bunny costume photo when Cinabar was a child and wore a bunny costume for a school play. It certainly does raise a few titters and never gets old! It's because of this that she has a bit of an aversion to bunny shaped chocolate (true fact), and that's why I was asked to write about this product.

Okay, so it's bunny shaped. I may have mentioned that a few times now. On unwrapping the hollow bunny has a cheerful face, not dissimilar to a little child in a bunny costume. It certainly smells of Cadbury Milk chocolate. On taste there was that familiar Cadbury Milk Chocolate flavour to begin with and the Popping Candy already starting to pop in my mouth as I began to chew. I haven't had Popping Candy for a while, but it's just like falling off a bike (or is that riding?), as soon as I felt it popping in my mouth I had to open wide to hear the popping candy echo. It's a simple throwback to my childhood when I used to eat Popping Candy all the time. It doesn't get old, the bunny tasted great and the best thing was that it made me smile after a tough day in the office. :-)

Information on the wrapper;
The 50g chocolate bunny has 528 calories per 100g, with 29g of fat, 56g of sugar, and 0.23g of salt. Ingredients included; milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fats; palm and shea, glucose syrup, emulsifiers E442 and E476, lactose from milk, and flavourings.

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