20 March 2018

New Cadbury Cupcakes With Flake (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I found this by scanning the new products section on the Morrisons website, and then added them to my basket. Anything new and chocolatey is a win for me, and I love Cadbury products. When the New Cadbury Cupcakes With Flake arrived the packaging made them look fairly generous in size, but when unpacked from their plastic box I realised they were actually quite a bit smaller than I thought they would be.
Inside the box were two cupcakes, in purple paper cases, topped with a chocolate frosting and of course a piece of Cadbury Flake chocolate. I gave one the the taste test and found them to be full of lovely chocolate flavour. The sponge was fluffy, sweet and rich, and the fondant icing was sugary with a good cocoa base. The Cadbury Flake was a nice touch, but that was where the theming with Cadbury ended. The chocolate flavour in the sponge and the icing was tasty, but it was quite a generic flavour, and not particularly that of Flake, which I always think is quite distinctive, it isn’t quite the same flavour of Dairy Milk. So the cupcakes are nice, and a good chocolate treat, but apart from the the Flake topping, they aren’t themed that strongly.

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