29 March 2018

Lizi's High Protein granola (@Ocado)

We love Lizi's cereals.  Don't tell Mr. Kellog's's but Lizi is much better at it.  A good while ago I picked up this bag of high protein granola.  We've reviewed the 1000 hours brands high protein efforts so I figured I'd give it a go.

As you can see it's the usual amazingly high quality - actual recognisable things and really soft and squidgy granola to go with it.

Essentially it's your typical Lizi's cereal with soya protein flakes added - but it works a treat.  You can be all healthy and have this with almond milk and really taste the richness of all the flavours coming through.  There are a mixture of textures in every bite!

As usual I will be rationing myself and only having this at the weekends as a treat - back to the standard staples in the week - but boy is it something to look forwards to!  Another massive hit.

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