18 March 2018

London Street Food Mother Clucker & Tea @Nli10

We went to see the Harry Potter play in London.  No spoilers here - but it is very good.

Seeing it over two days meant we got to eat at lots of lovely places which is the goal of any trip really, isn't it!

The locals had even got in on the act with Potter/Star Wars themed coffee available.  Not interested though.

What I needed was chicken!

I had the Chicken Strips - I only learned afterwards that I should have added the nice fries too.  Oh well.

Mother Clucker is one of those semi-street food things where you have a van that can pop up anywhere.  Here it's down Brick Lane by Rough Trade East.

And it's pretty good.  The chicken is tender and fresh, the coating is thick and almost like an apple crumble topping (thanks Kate!) but in a KFC style with all the usual herbs and spices but a lot more quality.  I'd make a special trip over just to eat this again.

Here in Spittalfields Market I found a Chinese Tea shop (Yi Yang? I forgot to get the name!) and picked up a lovely strong herbal Lemon tea.

I had medium sugar and not heated, which I think was a mistake in the Mini-Beast Arctic winds.  I enjoyed it though.  I got told off by coffee drinkers for drinking it too slowly, but these herbal teas are meant to be sipped and enjoyed.  Everyone else seemed to be going for some kind of milky bubble tea, maybe I missed out.

We had a great time wandering around hipsterville and catching up with old friends. Have to do it again soon!

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