8 March 2018

More Import Snacks in Spain, but from other places - feat. Unicorn Balls (@NLi10)

Earlier on we talked about the shop and the chocolatey things we got, now it's time for the sweets!

First up we have a couple of cheap Bon O Bon.  I'd not really expected much from these but they were great.

The white chocolate was similar to that of a Magnum ice-cream

And the centre was wafer coated and very soft truffle.  Really nice and quite a treat!

The milk choc was less exciting

The filling was the same and the whole flavour combo was quite ordinary after the white one.  I'd happily buy both again if I could.

Next up we cracked open the Unicorn's Balls

These were hard candy as expected, and very nicely coloured in.

They were really sour initially (this unicorn should see a doctor!) but it faded into a sweet fruity taste.  Again - these were great value and something I should have picked up more of for presents.

The lollipop was very soft and basically just a big strawberry penny chew on a stick.  Nothing special here and no reason to revisit!

Overall though I got great value and a good range of pick ups from this tiny little Canarian shop.  Superb!

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