22 March 2018

Morrisons Chicken Katsu Pie @NLi10

Mmmm - Pie!

While I realise I should have reviewed this on the 14th March, it was a Wednesday and I don't do those.

While my partner was away I took that opportunity to try another meaty pie from Morrison's. 

A Japanese inspired Pie is right up my street.

And although it just looks like any brown curry pie the flavours are surprisingly sophisticated.  It has the gravy curry flavour of Katsu, and has decent lumps of chicken.  The shortcrust pastry is really nice too - although some of that may be down to the fact there was still a little oil on the baking tray from a previous meal so the bottom of the pie was lightly fried (amazing).

Something that would cause me to make a special trip to Morrison's? Maybe, but not quite up to PieMinister standards.

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