24 March 2018

Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Lagunitas Brewing Company believes it's the last Small Brewer in America to can their beer. They describe this 12th of Never Ale as "twelve ounces of malt, hops, yeast, love and vibe in a solution of dihydrogen oxide captured in an alumin-yum wrapper…", which struck me as a play on a word that American's don't usually include the 'i' before the 'u' when pronouncing the word aluminium. In fact the word aluminum was changed to aluminium in the nineteenth century in this country, as scientists decided at the time is sounded more eloquent, however Americans didn't change it. I don't think Lagunitas Brewing Company are trying to start a revolution in how Aluminium is pronounced across the pond, I just think the play on the word "alumin-yum" just sounded fun. Reading the crazy fantasy blurb on the 355ml alu-whatever can and you can see that this brewing company doesn't take itself too seriously, which could be a lesson to us all. On opening the 5.5% volume ale there was certainly a decent hoppy smell mixed with a sweet barley malt. This fresh light golden pale ale glistens in the afternoon sun. On taste this is definitely a beer made with love and care. The spicy herbal hops tickle the palate first with the sweet malts following closely behind and into the aftertaste. Who cares how we pronounce it, because this beer is absolutely yum!

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