3 March 2018

Azimuth IPA Beer (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

Azimuth IPA is a world Indian Pale Ale. Made from a variety of hops from around the globe this 5.8% volume pale ale is described as a "beer journey", hence the name meaning a direction on a compass bearing. That is the simplest explanation anyway, as the others and many diagrams I found on the internet made my head hurt. In fact they made me want beer, so I suppose that's why Hardknott called their beer Azimuth? Clearly I'm no navigator, but I know a good beer when I taste one, so here goes…

On opening this pale ale had a very fruity smell, with a mixture of peach and apricot, followed by a slightly floral hoppish aroma. On taste there is an initial sourness to this ale that made me step back a bit. It's not a bad sourness, but it was certainly unexpected. Maybe this could be an overload of citrus hops crashing like waves over each other on foreign shores? I understand there's a blend of hops from the Pacific Rim in this IPA. There is a fruitiness to these hops as well as a sheer citrus flavour, the peach and apricot show in the flavour straight after the sourness, quickly followed by floral hops that meet the sweet malts flowing into the aftertaste. This is certainly a complex journey of flavours to have in one bottle. A 'tour de force' so to speak!

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