13 March 2018

Peach Coca-Cola - Zero Sugar (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

We don’t usually get that many limited edition flavoured colas from Coca-Cola in the UK. There are the usual suspects like cherry, but the Exotic Mango which I spotted last week was rather exciting. Today I found Peach Coca-Cola and I was pleasantly surprised to see another new edition.
I feel I need to mention sugar here. I know it is a hot topic at the minute, with talk of sugar tax and obesity. Well the Exotic Mango Coke came under the Diet Coke brand, so was low calorie as you would expect. This bottle of Peach Coca-Cola is not branded under Diet Coke, and the label is mostly red which meant I assumed it was full sugar. However underneath the word Peach I spotted the line that shows Zero Sugar, and indeed a closer look at the ingredient label confirms this to be low calorie too. I just couldn’t work out why if you have taken away the sugar they didn’t bread this as Diet Coke. Sugar curiosities aside, I gave it the taste test.
The drink had a gentle Peach aroma as it fizzed in the glass. The flavour was nice, the smooth sweet flavour from the peach worked well with the cola, and it gave it a nice sweet edge. It was fairly similar to the mango edition, but with a gentler finish. As a fan of mango that one is still my favourite, but this was a lovely refreshing and tasty new flavour and one that will be perfect for the summer. I wonder if we will see any other new flavours launching, fingers crossed.

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