4 March 2018

Nestle Les Recettes De L’Atelier - Blueberries, Almonds & Hazelnuts (Sainsbury's) @NLi10

In the interests of subterfuge and confusion Nestle have a new range of chocolates called Nestle Les Recettes De L’Atelier which Cinabar spotted and reviewed the milk chocolate version of and remarks that they are 'From The Workshop'.  There are a whole bunch of big and little bars for us to work through but I chose the smaller ones as we still have a lot of Christmas Chocolate to eat.

Cinabar reviewed the left-hand one and so we will look at the dark one.

As Dark Chocolate, Blueberries and Almonds are amongst my favourite snack things this should be good.  It does suggest sharing, but 3 out of 4 isn't too bad.

It's smelly enough to get the cats interested!

The flavours are pretty intense which I like, and it's not as subtle and creamy as the other flavour.  Its still got a decent quality chocolate and the bits in it are intact and not just powder which I like. The sharing pack makes it pretty easy to eat while out and about which is great and encourages portion control.  Some of my work friends did break the segments in half which defeats the object though.

Overall, a hit - and I'll happily try some of the more adventurous and larger bars in the future as opportunities allow.

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