12 March 2018

Monin Apple Pie Syrup (Amazon) By @Cinabar

Regular readers will probably be aware that I’m a fan of my flavoured coffees. I’ve reviewed quite a few limited edition drinks from Starbucks and Costa, and some syrups and coffee flavourings too. The most recent purchase was some gorgeous Chocolate Coffee Mate imported via Amazon, but I also ordered this bottle of syrup too at the same time. I’ve tried a few Monin syrups before and they have all been of excellent quality, so when I spotted Apple Pie flavour I couldn’t wait to see what they had done with that particular taste. The bottle arrived packaged in a large amount of bubble wrap in a box within a box, but it is in a glass bottle so I guess it kept it safe.
I made myself a latte and added three teaspoons of the syrup and stirred it into my drink. This is the same amount I use with other syrups I have had from Monin and seems to work perfectly for my sized mug. The flavour was actually a success with the coffee, despite it sounding a bit like a curious match. The sweetness from the pie flavour added a pleasant warmth to the drink, and the touch of spiced cinnamon worked a treat. What took a few seconds to get used to was the tartness of the apple, it was a bit of a strange combination with the coffee and it took me me a few sip to acclimatise to it, after that I really started to like it. I’ve made myself a second latte with this syrup and absolutely loved it from the start, an unusual combination, but one that did exactly what was promised. Sweet apple pie, with a hint of bite and spice all mixed dreamily with my coffee. Next stop, I’m trying this in hot chocolate!

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