1 March 2018

Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes - Choco Hazelnut Flavour - @NLi10

Mornings can be particularly stressful...

We were gifted a breakfast biscuit from Belvita in a little box

The idea being that it brings a little sunshine to a dreary morning

Nothing like a good stretch in the morning though

In fairness they do suggest that you eat this with a proper breakfast, which I guess means it just replaces the cereal part, not the tea and fruit.

And it does look and taste reasonably appetising - not all that filling though as you'd expect.  The middle is a bit like Nutella, but not so much that you could prosecute.

I think the best thing for these Spring mornings is to just have a stretch and a lie in instead, then have a normal breakfast a bit later.

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