31 January 2024

Skittles Desserts (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Skittles Desserts (Morrisons)

So, I watched the Barbie movie on Saturday night. It started okay, but just got weirder and weirder. I didn't realise they would be going for a Monty Python, Woody Allen, kind of surrealistic humour. There were plenty of film references and toy references throughout the movie. It started well with the 2001 Space Odyssey feel, which I thought was very niche, but appreciated.

The movie was okay, but lost me on quite a few occasions, and wading through the surrealism I couldn't quite tell what the political message was by the end of it. I was just expecting a fun movie with lots of wacky humour, rather than feeling a little confused and browbeaten by the end it.

Skittles Desserts (Morrisons)

However, I did enjoy these Skittle Desserts during the movie. I thought the pink packet was rather apt. With five colours to choose from, the pink coloured Cherry Cheesecake Skittles were predictably very strong in cherry flavour, so not my favourite in the bag. Cherry being my least favourite flavour of candy. The orange coloured Choc-Orange Cake Skittles were a little like a Jaffa cake in flavour, but more orange than chocolate. The purple colour were Blueberry Tart and were a very fruity and tasty blueberry flavour. The yellow Lemon Pie had a creamy lemon flavour, and were not too sour. The Strawberries and Cream red coloured Skittles did taste of strawberries and cream, but were quite a mellow flavour, which I needed to get through the movie. I'm not sure I'd eat them again over regular Skittles, but they were an experience, just like the Barbie movie.

Information on the packet; The 125g bag contained 401 calories per 100g, with 4.2g of fat, 75g of sugar and 0.02g of salt. Vegan friendly, please see photograph for the ingredients.

Skittles Desserts (Morrisons)

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