23 September 2008

Green & Blacks: Dark & Gingerbread (22/9/08 House of Fraser)

Green & Blacks: Dark & Gingerbread
This is the second of green and blacks seasonal bars, but it is in complete contrast to their other flavour.

For a start the cocoa content of 60% makes for a more grown up chocolate. The gingerbread is full of flavour, and doesn't add any unnecessary sweetness to the rich cocoa. I was very impressed by the size of the gingerbread chunks, each piece is around 1cm by 1cm and has a good crunch to it. This bar would make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee as the bitterness of the coffee would emphasise the sweetness of the chocolate. Realistically though - it would also go rather well with a glass of mulled wine!

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twak said...

Was a big fan of the packaging on the old 150g GB's ginger, and I like the way this one looks. Bit soon for christmas tho :(