29 September 2008

Pringles Select – Spicy Szechuan Barbecue (29/9/08)

Pringles Select – Spicy Szechuan Barbecue no tube
Having already tried Pringles Select - Italian Cheese with a Hint of Garlic, and found them to be pleasant but not as enjoyable as regular Pringles, I was expecting the same from these.
I thought the Spicy Szechuan Barbecue flavour was really good, gentle yet full of tang. I’m not sure that under a blind tasting test I would have described the flavour as Spicy Szechuan Barbecue, but all the same the phrase ‘nice and spicy’ would have sprung to mind.
I would definitely rate them over the cheese and garlic variety, the Spicy Szechuan Barbecue are back on track to the morish flavours you would expect from regular Pringles.

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