27 September 2008

Oringina Sanguine (24/9/08)

Oringina Sanguine
I'm sure I saw this drink last year, but labelled as Orangina Blood Orange? They missed a treat naming it that what with Halloween coming up. (Fanta have repackaged their orange drink label with Halloween eye balls - eek).
Anyway it is very similar to regular Orangina except the flavour is a little stronger and a little more zingy, and of course its redder! Very refreshing, it’s just a shame I couldn't find a diet version too.


Anonymous said...

Sounds worth checking out, Orangina is always a nice change.

cinabar said...

Yeah - I do like Orangina, but I usually buy the Light version - need to compensate for all the choccy and snacks I keep eating! :)