11 September 2008

Pocky (Available by specialist importer)

So what is Pocky?

Pocky are a biscuit stick, rather like a stick of pretzel (but without the salt) and then dunked in a flavoured coating. They are so nice and tasty, the only problem with them is once you have one, you immediately want another!

They come in many varieties…

Pocky -Thai/Singapore
(Available from Yum Yum Oriental Foods, Worcester)

PockyPocky – Milk
The coating is a lovely milk flavour, not vanilla, not white chocolate but a proper creamy milk flavour.

Pocky – Banana
Mmmm… just like a banana milkshake flavour, really nice

Pocky – Chocolate
You just can’t go wrong with chocolate, and this is a flavoursome milk chocolate.

Pocky – Strawberry
Creamy strawberry flavour, again rather like a milkshake flavour.

Pocky - Japanese

Pocky - Hello Kitty (Available from play-asia.com)
How sweet is this packaging? The strawberry coating on this is really nice, good strong flavour, nicer even than the strawberry Pocky mentioned above!

Pocky - Men’s (Available from Mt. Fuji restaurant Birmingham Bullring)
Ok, so I hate the name! As if Men prefer bitter chocolate? I’d like to see the statistical study that produced that idea… Anyway, name aside I really like these, the chocolate isn’t that strong at all – more like Bournville that one of Lindt’s 70% offerings.

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