17 September 2008

Pringles Select - Italian Cheese With a Hint of Garlic (17/09/09)

Pringles Select - Italian Cheese With a Hint of Garlic and no tube

I was very excited about a new flavour of crisp but the calorie content of the bag did put me off initially (but some how the packet managed to find its way in to my trolley). These are really nice garlic and cheese crisps, about as nice a crisp as you could imagine. They have a good strong flavour that works well, and bizarrely I can’t remember ever having had garlic flavoured crisps before. The strange thing is though they don't have that amazing morish "once you pop - you can’t stop" aspect to them. I was quite happy with just a small portion of them with my sandwich at lunch time. Probably a good thing, I'm sure I could happily eat a whole tube of regular Pringles to myself!


Par said...

I ate pringles select but in a different flavor. I did not like it.

cinabar said...

Pringles in tubes are definitely superior! Far more moreish somehow.