28 September 2008

Skittles Confused (28/9/08 Sainsburys)

Skittles Confused

[The post below relates to the first UK release of Skittles Confused in 2008, the 2013 review can be found HERE.]

These are a new Skittles product, but they are a Sainsbury’s exclusive - at least for now. The word Confused relates to the fact that the flavour doesn’t match the colour. In a way they are an attempt at a non-chocolate version of Revels I think. The thing with Revels is that hiding a mysterious centre under a chocolate coating is nice, where as this just draws attention to the artificial colours.
They are tasty because they are Skittles, but they taste just like normal Skittles. As for the product concept, I just don’t get it.


Anonymous said...

I just ate a whole small bag and it made no difference at all!!

cinabar said...

Well that's it, I don't usually eat Skittles one at a time, I usually grab a few - so yes you are right, the colourings make no difference!

Anonymous said...

im eating a bag right now n i think they hav more flavor i love skittle no matter what any way so its no different!

Anonymous said...

Theese are a waste of money ? you could've done more confusing things . such as putting some sour juice in a few as a suprise or they make your tounge a different colour . they are normal skitlles but you thought they'd sell by putting the word confusing at the start! waste of material products money and hard work