4 February 2024

Body FUEL - Swizzles Drumstick Original Raspberry Flavour Drink - not PRIME [@NLi10]

 It's rank - avoid.

Longer version?  I was quite pleased with myself when I found this in Lidl - a knock off PRIME drink themed around a favourite childhood sweet?  Drumstick lollies in the UK are a chew on a stick - with a distinctive artificial fruit flavour, and a kind of custard flavour as it's second bit.  They are lovely.  I'd always assumed it was supposed to be rhubarb, but this says Raspberry!

Here is what it does - some vitamins & endurance? That's a new claim!

I don't think it's designed to be seen outside of the bottle - but that's fine.  Less artificial stuff.

But oh - the smell.  It's like drumstick lollies, but it has these other hints in there that are immediately off-putting.  Looking at the ingredients this is spring water based, instead of coconut water based (presumably to make it cheaper) but that just means they've had to shove all of the nutrients in there instead of just letting nature figure it out.

Consequently it's a mess, and the massive artificial smell on top just adds to it.  The lollies rely on the sugar - clearly, but here we have just 1 k calories per 100ml and it just doesn't work.  All the sucralose in the world can't save this.

It's only just about drinkable, and I'll probably finish it just to avoid waste - but it's not a pleasure and more like a challenge from an endurance based game-show.

If your child desperately needs vitamins, and is actually willing to drink this then 2 bottles a day will give them all they need.  But seriously, PRIME is more affordable than ever now, you might as well just buy the real thing and save yourself from the risk of them just pouring this down the sink.

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