3 February 2024

Thornbridge: Astryd Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Astryd Beer by Thornbridge Riverside Brewery

Winter can be a tough time for everyone. Looking up the name; Astryd, means divine strength. We all find strength from different things; faith and hope, friends and family, rest and exercise, hobbies and our own 'stuff', to get through tough times. Of course, good food and drink helps too.

At 3.8% in volume, Astryd was produced by Thornbridge, Riverside Brewery. With it's low alcohol content, it could be considered as a session beer. I'm going to have it with IKEA style meatballs and chips tonight, rather operate heavy machinery after drinking it. Astryd is a hazy pale ale, which has a focus on Mosiac hops, so I'm expecting a great deal of berry fruitiness from this pale ale that will wash down my dinner a treat.

On opening the bottle there was a lovely fruity hop aroma, with some sweetness from the wheat and malts. On taste this hazy gold coloured pale ale had a crisp bite from the fruity Mosiac hops, followed by a wheatiness and then sweetness from the pale malts. Astryd certainly had strength in flavour packing quite a sharp hoppy punch, which the wheat and malts had a job to smooth out into the aftertaste. Astryd washed down my IKEA style meatballs a treat, and put a smile on my face at the same time. Have a good weekend.

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