8 February 2024

Tuna Sandwiches at Croome Court, England [@NLi10]

 We met up with some friends recently, and had decided as it was a nice day we'd go somewhere a bit interesting.

And as it's National Trust we got to eat their food too!

Croome Court is one of the big projects that Capability brown did where they re-landscaped the gardens and built a prettier house around the outside of the pre-existing house.

It's quite big so we only did the guided basement tour and didn't look around most of the rooms.  I think living in England you take all of this for granted, we don't have a shortage of big houses like this!

But we did go to the separate café

As it suggests the food is a little pricier than you'd hope for but it does keep the place open which is good

And it's reasonably ethical and such considering things.

And it's a fair approximation of a British packed lunch.  Too heavy on the sweetcorn and too light on the rocket.  I'd have probably added my chilli flakes to this if I'd eaten it in the office.

But we did get to sit and sun ourselves in the orangery too which was nice for one of the last days of January.

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