10 February 2024

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple Beer (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple Beer

Happy New Year of the Dragon. :-)

I'm hoping it's going to be a good, healthy and prosperous year for everyone. I'm certainly celebrating tonight with a Chinese Takeaway washed down with this Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple beer.

Brewed with a nod to the North Belgian city of Gent (Ghent in Dutch) with a postcode of 9000, Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple was produced by Brouwerij Van Steenberge. This Belgian rich amber beer is 10.5% in volume. Four times as much malt was used in the brewing of this beer for extra rich flavour.

With Chicken Yuk Sung, Peppered Beef and noodles delivered, I popped open the bottle. The aroma of this deep golden amber coloured beer was certainly heavy on the malts, with a touch of wheat, and a little herbal hops in the background.

Poured with a good frothy head, Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple was almost syrupy in sweet malts, a touch of wheat, then a heck of an alcohol punch, followed by a quick nibble of herbal hops, and then back to that malty goodness. Almost a pudding sweet beer, this amber Golden Dragon beer was gloriously flavoursome. I could happily drink it all night. I might be a little pie-eyed by the end of it though.

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