11 February 2024

Pukka Pie For Two - Chicken & Chorizo (but eating it alone) [@NLi10]

The difference in price between this two person pie (£2.75) and the normal one person pies (£2) was so little that I figured I might as well pay the 75p and go for it - even though I intended to eat alone.

Pre cooking it looks pretty big! 

The grammage isn't on the box but I'd say that it's maybe 1.8 of a normal pie - but there is proportionally more filling 

But it does take a while in the oven - so I broke out the King Slayer beer I bought to watch the wresting with and then completely forgot.  It's 8% which is way more than I'd usually go for - but with a big pie to adsorb it all it's fine.  The flavour is a bit too strong for me - I'd much rather have a nice smooth Belgian.

And here we go - it does fill the plate! I went with rocket as a side as I figured potatoes and veg would be too much - and I was right - this is pretty filling.

The insides are very Pukka - not huge packed with chunks like Pieminister - but certainly not a stingy portion.  YOu can find the chicken and the sliced chorizo and the sauce is rich and has a lovely flavour.  

I'd certainly choose this again, but I think the double size pie is only good for me while the special offer is on (normal price £3.50) as my partner being veggie then we'd need a pie that sits in the middle.


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