10 January 2015

Alcoholic Ginger Beer (Sainsbury's) [By @SpectreUK]

It's exam and revision time at university. I've done most of my coursework over the Christmas period, just the one left to be handed in in a couple of weeks. I must confess I'm craving the great outdoors at the moment. There was a tropical island image on the front label of this Sainsbury's 'Taste the Difference' Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It had a distinctive ginger and light hint of citrus smell on pouring. Produced by the Freeminer Brewery there was a serving suggestion to serve this ginger beer chilled over ice with a slice of refreshing lemon. However I prefer my ginger beer lightly chilled from the fridge so the ginger spices can warm my cockles! Golden amber in colour and lightly carbonated, but with the added fieriness from the natural ginger made my nose hairs stand on end. There was an immediate rich fiery ginger taste followed by a light zest of citrus. Lipsmacking spices oozed lovingly around my mouth tantalising my tastebuds as I savoured every drop. The spices warmed me up in this cold damp winter and the citrus did refresh me, but then again I was principally after the warmth, which I received in spades!

Information on the bottle;
500ml bottle at 4% volume.
By Spectre

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