21 January 2015

Nissin Teriyaki Soba (Chinese Market, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

On the front of the pot it stated; "Noodles with Yakisoba sauce", and on the back it stated; "Instant wheat noodles with Teriyaki sauce", which as far as I know are slightly different sauces, so that confused me a little. The instructions stated to remove the lid and sachet, add boiling water and replace lid leaving it stand for three minutes, then drain off the excess water, add the sachet, stir and Bob's your uncle! Well it didn't mention Bob, but you get the idea. I've never seen a pot noodle type product that asks you to drain the water before and if I knew someone called Bob, I'd ask them if they had heard of one too. So unlike my usual sculduggery I followed the instructions to the tee. After leaving it to stand and draining off a small amount of water I added the squishy almost black contents of the sachet to the mixture of wet noodles and mixed diced vegetables. I stirred vigorously and left the pot to cool for a while. I noticed that the mixture in the pot had turned a very pleasing golden brown colour. The smell of the sauce made my mouth water. On first taste my chin took a bit of a bash from the wet noodles, but you always have to be armed with a tissue when eating a cup of hot noodles. They definitely hadn't scrimped on the diced vegetables either (see the ingredients for the full list). The sauce itself didn't taste as sweet as some Teriyaki sauces I've eaten in restaurants, but that was okay, because it was tasty in its own right and lip-smackingly so. Besides I'm not absolutely sure it was supposed to be Teriyaki sauce. However I really enjoyed this cup of noodles whatever sauce it claimed to be or not to be, and I would certainly have it again.

Information on the pot;
90g recyclable plastic pot. At 100g there are 214 calories with 9.4g of fat and 4.5g of sugar. Produced by Nissin Foods in Frankfurt. Ingredients included; noodles (72%), which included; wheat flour, palm oil, and salt amongst a few E numbers; and seasoning sauce (21.7%), which included; soy sauce, sugar, rapeseed oil, dextrose, hydrolysed vegetable protein, salt, spices, celery, plain caramel, chicken meat powder (not for vegetarians then), plus diced cabbage, carrot, shiitake mushroom, and green onion. May also contain traces of crustacean, fish, milk, molluscs, mustard and sesame.
By Spectre

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