18 January 2015

KANELBULLAR (Cinnamon Buns) - IKEA [by @NLi10]

We had a trip to IKEA today.  We went really early and utilised the 'browsing time' before the tills open on a Sunday so that we didn't have to face the hordes that arrive at lunch time and look confused that it's busy.  This meant I had time to have a poke around in their food section. 

I bought a lot of savoury things for later on, but also a bag of cinnamon buns (KANELBULLAR) to cook in the oven.

When it's threatening to snow a lunch that is both hot and freshly baked seemed a good idea so they went straight in when we got home.  They started like this:

And went to this.  We decided not to over-bake them so they are a lot paler than the original picture suggested.  If I'd let the oven heat up more then I'd have been tempted, but we were hungry and soft bread is always lovely.

We had a couple each.  The bread itself is nicely flavoured but not sweet.  All that comes from the dusting of sugar crystals and the cinnamon spread in the spiral.  There were no hidden surprises like raisins or extra odd things, and they actually taste like the Scandinavian pastries we had in Norway.

While I'd not make a special trip to IKEA just to get them (it's a little crowded even when it's quiet) I may be tempted to pick up another bag for the freezer when I'm there next.  It's like your reward for following the shuffling line of people with trollies with only a lint-roller in them...

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