9 January 2015

Nakd – Cocoa Delight (WH smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Behind my desk at work is a communal office table, it is currently filled with naughty treats left over from Christmas. We have worked our way through several tubs of chocolates, various mince pies, samosas, sweeties etc. I don’t really do a January Detox officially, but even I felt that the overindulgence at Christmas could do with being scaled back a bit now I don’t have the seasonal excuse. I was also thinking about how infrequently I get my five a day; ok maybe this is a January detox talking. Anyway I had a walk at lunch time to the shop on site at work in search of a sweet treat that wasn’t going to make me feel too guilty and I spotted this bag of nibbles; Nakd Cocoa Delight. What caught my eye was that on the front of the bag it said that it was one of my five a day and was made from fruit, nuts and cocoa with no added sugar. I wasn’t sure what to expect but inside the bag but there were soft small cubes. They had the texture of a firm fudge and the feel was surprisingly smooth given that you could see bits in them. Each one was quite uniform too.
Flavour wise I could pick up on the taste of dates quite strongly, which gave the cocoa a sweetness and a mild chocolate flavour in the background. There are easy to munch on, and pleasant and nice. They certainly fended off my chocolate craving despite the cocoa being quite mild. The ingredients are dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, rice flour and natural flavourings which was a surprise, they really are full of natural good stuff. My only concern was the calories, fruit and nuts are naturally quite high anyway, but these still shocked me, I guess it is their concentrated nature.
There are 386 calories per 100g and as the bag is 130g that make it just over 500 calories or about the same as TWO chocolate bars.  Arguably the calories are “better” as they are from fruit and nuts and full of vitamins and nutrients but it is something to keep an eye out for if you are calorie counting. I also wonder how much of the bag you have to eat in order to get the one of your five a day. Finally, in totally unrelated news, I’m off to the gym…
By Cinabar


Rainbowgirlx said...

If you buy the bars instead of the bag they are nicely portioned, at between 100 and 150 calories per bar. I can't buy the big bags or I just eat the whole thing at once!

cinabar said...

I do still have some on my desk - just been having 3 to 4 cubes per day as portion control.