5 January 2015

McRib (@McDonaldsUK) #McRibisBack [By @Cinabar]

It has been twelve years since the McRib was last seen on the menu at British McDonalds. Its return has caused quite a stir, with so many people nostalgic for the item. It has just re-launched, and I was really keen to try it out. I have to admit to not really remembering it the first time round, but I could see the enthusiasm for the burger the moment we pulled up in the McDonalds car park.

There were signs for it all about the place too. McDonalds was actually quite busy when we went in, but the branch we go to is very near a cinema. The queue was just out of the door, but within it I could over hear people talking about the McRib they were keen to order it, and happy to wait. I admit I was worried they were going to sell out before they got to us.

The queue moved fairly quickly and it wasn’t long before | was sitting down with the McRib in front of me. I opened the box to see what the fuss was all about and was surprised by just how much sauce there was, it was everywhere. This burger was fully loaded and dangerous. Even taking the photograph and lifting the bun involved a certain amount of barbecue sauce making its way onto my fingers. I could seen both onions and gherkin slices on top of my burger. The bun is white and elongated, but still didn’t quite cover the sticky coated burger within.
I loved the flavour of the burger though, it was oozing with that sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, and there was a lovely hint of rich smokiness mixed in too. The pork was a nice change too for McDolands, the meat was soft but nicely textured, although obviously there were no bones! :-D The onions and gherkins worked well with the burger, it added a nice hint of pickle taste with added sharpness from the onions. The flavour was otherwise very similar to proper barbecue ribs.
I thoroughly enjoyed the McRib, and although I can’t comment on its authenticity compared to the original, I enjoyed the meal as did others who had ordered it also. I felt like McDonalds could do with stocking wet wipes though as my fingers were sticky and red by the end of it! Not something you should order on a first date.
Just keep in mind that the McRib is only back on the McDonalds menu on a temporary basis, so get it while you can. If you tried the original and the new version let me know how it compares using the comments below.
By Cinabar

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