13 January 2015

Muller Light After Dinner Mint (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

As I’m having my “eating a little healthier” phase, which is not to be mistaken as a proper January Detox, I have been looking round the shops at a few lighter alternatives. It is quite funny to see several shops have reduced all the luxury treats and now they are seemingly lighter versions of things on the shelves. The offers keep drawing me in and I have to remind myself not to put cut price luxury chocolates in the basket. :-D
I have always been a fan of Muller yoghurts, and they are my go to low fat treat for a sweet kick. I had a look at the new flavours and this After Dinner Mint seemed the most interesting. When I peeled back the lid the yoghurt was a light creamy green colour. Only very slightly green, but even when something is mint it is still not the best colour for a foodstuff.
I enjoyed the yoghurt though, it was sweet and had a nice taste of peppermint, which was well balanced. The chocolate taste came through as there were bits of dark chocolate throughout the yoghurt, these were quite strong and added just enough dark chocolate flavour.
Muller yoghurts are always quite filling as they are in a generous large pot and this left me feeling satisfied, even if it was a fat free treat.
By Cinabar

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