20 January 2015

DairyFine Gooey Eggjoyables Eggs (Aldi) [By @Cinabar]

Given all the recent controversy over Cadbury Creme Eggs, my loyalty to the brand has reduced a little. Basically Cadbury changed the recipe (now with less cocoa) for the chocolate and reduced the usual punnets of six eggs to five, with retailers seemingly maintaining last years prices per box. There is a full blog about that here: link
When I was shopping in Aldi I noticed they had DairyFine Eggs and I thought I would give them a try and seem how they compare. There are three in a box, but strangely they aren't wrapped in silver foil, I had assumed they would be, probably from all the years of eating Cadbury ones. They look and feel about the same size and weight as a Cadbury egg, but on closer inspection do come in at a few grams less.
I bit in and was pleased by the chocolate, it was nice and thick but obviously being a different brand the recipe was noticeably different. It was nice though, sweet and creamy and a surprisingly rich taste from the cocoa. The fondant was gooey, and sweet too, giving these eggs a lovely sugary hit. There was one issue though, and I'm not yoking about this,the fondant was all white!
All in all though I liked these eggs, they are packaged very sweetly and would make a nice Easter stocking filler gift.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Terribe name though!

Anonymous said...

I loved these, they also do one with just chocolate in them like a galaxy bubble egg.

Unknown said...


I was wondering what the cocoa content was like vs the new Cadbury's version? :)


Anonymous said...

Why would they be a stocking filler in easter?

cinabar said...

It's an eggstremely bad name ;-)

I will look out for the bubbly egg - for research purposes you understand...

Linda - I'll double check for you, think I took a pic on my camera.

We've always used the term "stocking filler" as an extra small prezzie for any occasion, despite its obvious Christmas conotations. Don't know if that's a regional thing - probably just a family one! :-D