21 November 2015

Against The Grain Beer (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This Against The Grain beer brewed by the Wold Top Brewery, in Yorkshire, is rather peculiar in the sense that it contains no wheat. Yes wheat free beer! On seeing this on the label my curiosity in the shop got the better of me and I had to put the bottle in my basket. Let's hope my curiosity didn't kill the cat! It does beg the question of what is this 4.5% volume beer brewed from then if it's not wheat? Well it's made from lager malt and maize, which makes it well below the standard 20ppm of gluten for people with gluten intolerance and this beer also has a huge non-coeliac fan base.
It poured cheerfully into my beer glass and the bubbles tickled my nose hairs as I took a whiff. This blonde beer has an initial malt smell that mixes with a citrus punch. This smell transcends into the flavour. There was a touch of malt to start with, and then a big hit, punch and kick of bitter citrus flavour from the hops that literally beat up my tastebuds right through each mouthful and into the aftertaste. Big on flavour and big on bitterness. This beer has shown wheat the door and let it get smacked on the backside on the way out. No wonder it's won plenty of awards. I reckon it's perfect for spicy meals and fishy meals, or even spicy fishy meals! Give it a go and see if you're ready to go Against The Grain!
By Spectre

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