28 November 2015

Heston Toffee Apple Mulled Cider (Waitrose) [By @spectreUK]

This 5.5% volume Toffee Apple Mulled Cider was created by Heston Blumenthal especially for Waitrose. Served in a 750ml bottle this mulled cider has toffee and caramel added during its creation. It sounds to me like a rather sweet cider appley fix. I first couldn't decide whether I'd drink it warmed up in the microwave as a pick me up on a cold night or just for a chilled refreshing treat. Looking at the bottle it was clear that there was plenty of this cider to go around. So I opted for a pint of chilled mulled cider to start with. On pouring this still cider there was a very sweet toffee smell on top of the lightly spiced apple cider. This dry cider had a very mild spice to it and the toffee caramel sweetness came at the end of the flavour. Having said that, there wasn't a great deal of flavour. This Toffee Apple Mulled Cider was very easy to drink asides the dryness, which made me need to drink more. It also made me feel it wouldn't work warmed up, as it didn't quite work chilled! Not one for me I'm afraid. I prefer big on flavour; big on cider and big on spice to warm my cockles on a cold Winter's night.
By Spectre


Unknown said...

Just awful what a waste of money

Unknown said...

I thought I had to finally try this for the bargain price if £1 earlier. But, felt similar really- didn't really have a nice flavour as such.