6 November 2015

Winter Berries and Prosecco Fizz and Sparkle Crisps (Marks and Spencer) [by @cinabar]

These new crisps from Marks and Spencer are quite something. I've written so many crisps reviews over the years of blogging here, but these still stand out as having a special kind of innovation. These crisps made me smile on so many levels.
Ok the flavour is Winter Berries and Prosecco sparkling wine, flavoured crisps. For that genuine element to the flavour they are made with real, albeit dried, Prosecco. The winter berries come from black currant juice also added to the ingredients.

Before I come to what these taste like I have to start with what they look like. The sparkle element come from edible gold stars dotted around the crisps, but they also have pink dust from the seasoning. They look so pretty and seasonal which is a lovely touch. Not sure I've ever seen such pretty crisps before, but Marks and Spencer get a big thumbs up, especially for the season of indulgence.
The crisps are fairly thickly cut, they are firmer and crispier than a standard crips, but the texture is still nice and not too sharp. These crisps have another magic added ingredient to the texture, which is the innovation that made me smile, they are representing a sparkling wine and these crisps actually fizz on the tongue. Genius, when Marks and Spencer say Fizz they actually mean at it! This is achieved in practical terms by adding baking soda to the ingredients but the result is so very clever. Whoever thought of it, I salute you.
The taste is spot on too, then hint of wine and slightly sour tinge work perfectly balanced by a delicate hint of blackberry. The flavour is a joy to eat, wine works,well on crisps its fruity, and fresh flavour enhances the crisps in ways that make you wonder why you ever bought salt and vinegar.
These crisps manage to mix up middle class fun, novelty and a clever flavour combination to make these ultimate sharing bag of crisps for Christmas. They will look stunning in a bowl, with their added glitter and the fizz and the flavour will have people talking. Listen up crisps firms, the game has been raised, this is how you innovate.
By Cinabar


Andrea @ Made With Pink said...

Oh wow! These sound amazing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but you've convinced me! Im buying a bag tomorrow :-D

Beauty Balm said...

I've heard about these crisps but hadn't seen them before. They look great and will be going in my shopping basket for sure.

Anonymous said...

How do they compare to Tesco's new Prosecco & Elderberry crisps? http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=289374264

cinabar said...

Not tried the Tesco ones - wouldn't be surprised if they made by the same people... will get some when I'm next there.

Unknown said...

Had these yesterday. They are truly disgusting. None of us could eat them. Worst thing I've had in a while.

Anonymous said...

These crisps are disgusting! Nobody could eat them. Weird taste and very salty. Yuck!