17 November 2015

Sprout & Pancetta Romana Pizza (@PizzaExpress) [By @Cinabar]

I’m not sure how but I’ve never been to Pizza Express. We don’t have one locally, but after Googling there is a branch centrally in Birmingham, a city we visit fairly regularly for shopping trips. I don’t really have any excuse for not having visited before. Anyway we were having a holiday in York and as there was a branch of Pizza Express very near the hotel this felt like the perfect opportunity to give the place a try. The menu was the seasonal edition, and sprouts were on it, quite literally. This seemed a bit of at first on a pizza menu, but as it turned out, Pizza Express weren’t joking.

There were two pizza available with sprouts as a topping, the difference being the addition of some pancetta which was on the one I chose. Having made my order somewhat cautiously, I still wasn’t sure what to expect, I was hoping they wouldn’t be whole sprouts on the pizza as that just sounded a bit weird.
When it did arrive I have to admit I hadn’t been expecting the egg on the pizza, and this confused me. I said to my family that it was weird to have an egg on a pizza, and got the response “they put Brussel Sprouts on your pizza and you are worried about the egg?”. Fair comment I suppose.

The pizza had plenty of topping; strips of pancetta adding a lovely salty meaty touch, mushrooms working well, onions adding a bit of spice and of course the diced sprouts. These were actually really nice, I don’t associate the vegetable with pizza, but they worked far better than expected, paired up with the pancetta they were actually delightful. Very clever stuff from Pizza Express, showing there is more to sprouts than just christmas day.
By Cinabar


Nibs said...

Ooo love this!! Whilst reading I did too think it was a tad weird there was an egg in it. x

cinabar said...

Weird, but actually very nice - shame it wasn't runny though.