14 November 2015

Diet Chef Mediterranean Pasta (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

Here is a quick five minutes to prepare ready meal for those that are watching their waistlines, or alternatively those that are greedy like me and use it for excuse to eat more crisps and drink more beer. This Diet Chef Mediterranean Pasta just needs 200ml of freshly boiled water and to be left stand for five minutes. On peeling back the lid the contents looked pretty disappointing. No wonder this is for dieters, as the pasta looked tiny.

I was starting to think that I'd need to go out for fish and chips after writing this blog. However, I added freshly boiled water and found a trusty metal fork from the cutlery draw. I could see the bits of black olives, courgettes (Cinabar just had a shiver... Hates them!), red pepper and herbs floating around in the reddish sauce as the powder in the pot liquified. I stirred the concoction a little and began to wait. I wasn't sure what I was waiting for. I was kind of hoping the pasta would grow remarkably in size and fill the kitchen. I had visions of feeling the fool and having to phone the fire brigade to come and cut me out of the house, as huge mutant pasta strips smashed through the windows and popped the roof off the house like a pointy cork off a champagne bottle. Five minutes past, the pasta had grown a little but never passed the water 'fill line'. I have to say though the pasta had absorbed much of the liquid and was fluffy and light, the red sauce was now a thick ooze. Although clearly a diet meal at 192 calories, and been as though it said it everywhere on the plastic pot, and also the portion size seemed quite small, having said that it was very tasty indeed. I could certainly taste the black olives in the rich tomato sauce which had a light herby flavour. If I have another one of these for a dinner meal I'd probably have two pots... Stuff the diet!
By Spectre

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