7 November 2015

Foster’s Rocks Spiced Rum (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

In my late teens I became a part time barman for a few years during my studies. I remember just how popular Foster’s was compared to any other lagers the pub had to offer. I had to change far too many heavy barrels! Anyway, I don’t really drink that much lager myself due to the fact that I can find them quite gassy, which is not so attractive in polite company. Having said that I’m drinking this Foster’s Rocks Spiced Rum on my own in bed whilst I write this blog (although I’m not sure what that says about me), so I can belch to my heart’s content! Served in a 440ml can this 4.5% volume Foster’s Rocks is flavoured with Spiced Rum. There is a Classic Rum flavour out too, but I thought I’d try the spiced first, as I like my rum with an extra kick.

There was a strong spicy rum smell on opening the can, which had just been retrieved from Cinabar’s cavernous new super cold fridge. I say that because you could probably heat your dinner in the last fridge. The blonde lager bubbled cheerfully into my beer mug as I poured it. On first taste this Foster’s Rocks Spiced Rum has a rich lightly spiced sweet rum flavour that complemented the lager sitting behind it instead of overpowering it completely. Rather like a happy couple with the spicy sweet maiden in front and the beefcake sitting behind her with his arms around her on a pleasure ride at a funfair on cold November night. Perfect for watching fireworks outside, this warming Foster’s Rocks Spiced Rum was not a bit gassy and oozed with lager sophistication. I look forward to the rest of the four pack and will have to pick up some of the Classic Rum to try next.
By Spectre

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