29 November 2015

Christmas At Cadbury World Shop [by @NLi10]

It's officially Christmas now that Cadbury's World has their tree up!

Also the factory shop is FULL of the future contents of kids stockings (and today oddly about 200 Brownies). I settled for picking up a few cheap things and those I'd not seen before.

But first - the cafe! Hot melty rocky road and freshly made Cadbury's Hot Choc and an extra slice of triple layer Victoria sponge for good measure. 

And then on to the Freddo Faces. These seem to be a fairly new addition to the Freddo family, and you only get three small bags of 7 in the box.

They look like ugly buttons.

They don't travel too well, shaking in the box means they aren't quite perfect froggies. In fact they look more similar to misshapes (which are seasonal and not usually available until next year)!

They taste like big buttons and are top quality chocolate. It's a little more adult and satisfying than a bag of buttons, but only just.

Also we picked up a box of these - 18 bars for £5.40 - result! Naturally I've given more away than I've eaten as it's the season of giving - and I'm still full of chocolate from super lunch!

Cadbury is well worth a visit at any time, but that goes even more so at Christmas and Easter.

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