27 November 2015

Ribena Limited Edition Winter Spice (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I came into work this morning to a particularly sticky task to unpick. I won’t go into the boring work details but I will go into the fantastic drink I had to fuel me during the problem. One of the lovely ladies at work managed to find the new Ribena Winter Spice, something I had been keeping my eye out for but to no avail. She found it in a large branch of Sainsbury’s so I’ll have to have another look for a bottle for home for myself, but she riskily left this bottle in the staff room, mental note not to drink it all…
Unusually for Ribena this is a drink which it recommends to have hot as a Winter warmer. I poured some into the bottom of my mug and added some freshly boiled water. I absolutely love spices such a cinnamon and star anise and this drink had lots of those sorts of flavours added. Thankfully they didn’t overpower the underlying blackcurrant taste, so the drink didn’t loose its identity, they did however enhance it no end with a fab spicy edge.
What more could you want on a cold day than a hot fruity drink filled with seasonal spices that feels warming and christmasy. I thoroughly enjoyed my mug of drink so much, I snuck back to the kitchen and made myself another, here is hoping she doesn’t take the bottle home any time soon.
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

I've heard nothing but good things about this drink - will definitely be picking it up when I next go shopping.